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The Dazzling Generation and the Bridges Institute hosted the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™ Legacy Program recently, the second monthly symposium, in a series of “Inspiring Youth” seminars through visual communication technology, in partnership with the Football Business Academy, and discussed ways to take advantage of football and sports to activate the value of Social inclusion and its role in bringing cultures closer.


The symposium witnessed the participation of Dr. Fadi Makki, from the Behavior for Development Foundation, one of the inheritance programs in the Supreme Committee for Legacy and Legacy, Mr. Paul Rogers, Head of Strategy at the Italian Football Club, Ms. Eglantina Zing, founder of the Goliadoras Organization, and Ms. Sharona Friedman, member of the Board Strategic Management of the Football Business Academy. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Simon Shaddock, Director of the Eurasian Center for Sports Industry at EM Lyon Business School, in the presence of representatives of the Supreme and Academic Committee, and a number of strategic partners.

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Speakers shared their international experiences in the fields of media, education and sport, highlighting the successes of programs that embrace the value of social inclusion, in the forefront of the dazzling generation, and ways to take advantage of the ability of sport and football as a global means to spread awareness about social inclusion.

** Sharona Friedman: The Power of Change

Mrs. Sharona Friedman said that sport possesses a tremendous power capable of changing the world, highlighting its impact on individuals, and the responsibility of everyone to ensure that it reflects the truth as a global platform, and praised the World Cup soccer tournaments, and the opportunity it provides to celebrate diversity in the world, She emphasized that football is a global sport that achieves equality, as it can be enjoyed without any hindrance, as it is a universal language that everyone can master.

** Paul Rogers: Social challenges

In the same context, Mr. Paul Rogers touched on the issue of facing social challenges, stressing that sport plays a leading role in advancing progress, and he said: “It is the power of football, and it is a way to achieve goals aimed at making change on many issues such as racism. I am proud of the role that Sports play in these areas. All you have to be brave for people to support you, we all have common concerns and concerns, and we have to be aware of what we have to do, and listen well to the opinions of others. “

** Fadi Makki: Shared Experiences

For his part, Dr. Fadi Makki addressed the discussion from the point of view of behavioral science, and pointed out that football provides a general platform and provides joint experiences to analyze challenges and formulate solutions based on scientific procedures used in measuring social impact.
“We can try solutions that have worked elsewhere, such as conflict areas, for example, and build on them. It is not about what we think might work, but rather the use of scientific methods and attitudes that behavioral science provides for us to determine what is likely to succeed, and experiences will allow us to Common building on social impact using science, as we do in the dazzling generation. “

** Eglantina Xing: an opportunity to succeed

On what additional platforms and opportunities for youth education can provide for education; Ms. Eglantina Zheng pointed out that social inclusion is the magic ingredient that sports possess. “Football provides everyone without discrimination an opportunity to succeed and become champions. Children become more flexible when they help them develop their identity, and then you can instill in them skills such as teamwork, And she learned to work together to achieve their common goals and objectives. “

“Football is a wonderful tool for dialogue, building identity, combating racism and overcoming division between us. We also have to discuss the issue of gender equality to promote the value of inclusiveness, and we also need to achieve mutual coexistence in society,” added Zing.
It is noteworthy that the details of the upcoming meeting will be announced later in the series of monthly seminars through the website of the Bridges Institute and its channels on social media.