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Pete Hovingrad, Executive Supervisor of the Sports Projects Development Program at the College of Business at the University of North Carolina, and a member of the Advisory Committee of the American League and Media Coordination Association in New York to the International Federation of Sports Press, said that Doha has managed to face many difficulties, perhaps no country will be able to face what the region witnessed from Regional and pandemic conditions have severely affected the global economy, that it can continue its plans and preparations, and even accelerate them as Doha was able, which expresses the concept of material and logistical readiness to a more comprehensive stage of enthusiasm, determination, and sometimes resilience, as it should be described, to feel that the World Cup in Qatar is not just a project Or a file hosting a football tournament, but as if the entire state itself is rallying for that moment, and feels the constant enthusiasm of the fans who love and breathe football, as in the Gulf region and the Arab region in general, and officials of the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy and their successful bet untilNow, with history, the Qatar World Cup will certainly be exceptional and historic.

◄ Achievements of 2020 Hovingrad
explained that the praise of the President of the European Union, Alexander Ceferin, of Qatar as the Switzerland of the Middle East comes as a testament to Qatar’s sporting achievements in 2020 and also reflects the increasing global attention directed to Doha following Qatar’s distinguished sporting successes, especially in the experience of hosting the World Cup. Many international observers and heads of international sports federations are keen to find out what Qatar is achieving after its preparations to host the World Cup, especially by the following countries on the line of hosting the tournament, and the American keenness is definitely increasing to get acquainted with Qatar’s experience with the start of the countdown to host the tournament scheduled for The year 2022, and confirmation that Qatar has overcome most of the challenges, and succeeded in walking confidently towards hosting the World Cup, stressing that the World Cup in Qatar will be held at the best possible time for a distinctive global tournament that will be enjoyed by the public from all over the world.

◄ hailed the achievement t
And very dazzling on the screens and eyes looking to host Qatar for the tournament; As all the stages that were implemented by the State of Qatar to host the tournament have already been designed in order to leave an impressive impact, and for this I am confident that Doha will look in the 2022 World Cup more than wonderful and amazing ».

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Many successes
The American sports expert highlighted the great importance that Qatar attaches to its commitment to fulfilling its pledge to present the World Cup at the highest level, saying, “This was achieved through Qatar’s success in building whole new football stadiums, and this is something that should be unprecedented in the sporting history of the World Cup, as many Of the previous countries that hosted the FIFA World Cups, they were already classified as soccer countries, meaning that they own and have many full stadiums that had already been created and hosted many matches before, while it was different in Qatar, which was when the privilege of hosting the tournament was due in In 2010, it had almost one stadium, so Doha built whole new football stadiums, you can imagine this, and the peculiarity of Qatar’s experience is reflected in setting the dream and goal and making the full commitment to achieve it, and Qatar is a rich nation and possesses the real and financial capacity needed. To embark on realizing its ambitions and also has suburban spacesMajor cities support expansion plans, and to make this great pledge by the State of Qatar to spend all necessary over the years since it won the right to host the tournament, as what has been achieved was already remarkable at the level of new stadiums and football stadiums and all stages of the organization and planning process for those in charge of hosting the World Cup. Indeed, I see that Qatar will provide an amazing and wonderful hosting for the 2022 World Cup. ”

◄ Facing challenges,
Hovingrad explained: “There is a remarkable tribute that must be paid to those responsible for the World Cup file, especially in light of the great challenges that the world witnessed in 2020, which raised many questions about the sports infrastructure and the possibility of building stadiums and whether Doha will be able at this time to host the World Cup. But when you look now at the new stadiums that have continued to open in 2020, especially the stadiums that have already been built and equipped, they were very amazing and wonderful, and we will witness a completely different event in the major sporting tournaments by finding the first World Cup that supports the concept of sustainable development; As some of these stadiums will be dismantled and sent to some African countries after the World Cup in order to support the sports infrastructure in developing countries, which is a wonderful and very special thing, confirming that there is a planning system in front of a distinguished file that suggests an enjoyable experience for a distinguished World Cup in Doha.

Pete Hovingrad confirmed that «the tournament will witness experiences that we see for the first time in terms of the possibility of watching more than one match in one day, which is very attractive and interesting for the public. You can move from one stadium to another, perhaps within an hour, using the train and watch the matches easily. A sophisticated international and hosting the Qatari people is also wonderful, and there will be areas for fans in which they can find what they are looking for, and Doha is characterized by a very clear and wonderful sky through which the high-rise buildings appear in an impressive scene and will certainly be lit in the World Cup to appear in a perfect way, and food in Qatar One of the unique experiences that celebrates the amazing diversity of culture and heritage as well as international restaurants that take pride in the quality of their chefs and the excellence of their service, there are many good things that fans can do in Qatar.

◄ special atmosphere
Pete Hofingrad concluded his remarks with an explanation: “As we saw here in America in the 1994 World Cup and the different nature of the weather in Florida for sure, and there was no complaint in general, either from the players or the fans, or complaining about the weather, and when the organizational committees try to research the nature of the climate, we do not find there is much concern, especially that Conditions are similar in the Qatar World Cup, and for your information, the weather and climate in Qatar in December, which will host the tournament is the best possible time of the year in terms of weather in Doha, and it is the best time in the world to host the tournament, and the weather may get cold in the evening, but there are heating and cooling systems in the stadiums To deal with that, the World Cup has a history of being hosted in countries that have different weather, such as Mexico and Brazil, and there was no problem with that, especially since the World Cup that Qatar will witness will be held in the winter, so I do not see any justification for any concerns about the weather maybe if it were The tournament will be held in July or August. We can understand these concerns, but the World Cup in Qatar will beIn the winter, there will be no big problem at all about the atmosphere for the fans and the players in a tournament that will be held at the best time of year for Qatar, in my estimation.