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Dr. Soha Al-Bayat, Director of the Vaccination Department at the Ministry of Health, explained the types of side effects that followed the intake of the Corona “Covid 19” vaccine in Qatar, noting that during the next week, the completion of the first phase of vaccination, which includes 3 categories, will be announced.

She said during the “Pulse” program on Qatar Radio: Today, 10 days have passed since the start of the vaccination campaign in Qatar against the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, which consists of several stages, adding: We are now in the first stage “A” and include 3 specific categories and they are Elderly people over the age of 70, those with chronic diseases with risks and complications such as kidney failure and the like, and health workers on the front lines.

She said: There is a very high response and we are receiving calls from people to request vaccination …. During the next week, the completion of the first phase and those who will be included in the campaign during this phase will be announced … and we will inform the public about the stages first hand. To date, there has been no complaint of serious or severe complications that occurred to any of those who received the vaccine.

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On the complications that were reported, she said that there were minor side effects, which are commonplace with all vaccinations, even with children vaccinated,

There may be a slight increase in temperature, dull pain at the site of the needle, and these side effects were actually reported by those who received the vaccination.

And she continued: The most thing is a dull pain in the arm where the needle was, it lasted for a few hours with some, and with some it lasted for about 24 hours, some people had a slight headache, and some had a very slight rise in temperature, and some lethargy or pain in the body, most likely did not need any kind of medicine Some people needed simple medications such as fever reducer or mild analgesic.

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Dr. Soha Al-Bayat stressed that the vaccine does not mean the elimination of the epidemic at the same time, adding: It is stages, at least 75% of people must be vaccinated in Qatar, and also globally, these percentages must be reached, but in order to reach these percentages, we expect That it will be in the summer of 2021, and during this stage, all precautionary steps must be continued, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, not shaking hands, and using sterilizers.

And she considered that the vaccine is the first step, asking people to wait and not rush and demanding the lifting of restrictions, follow-up: Scientific information must first be monitored .. Clinical tests and studies on the vaccine are still ongoing in order to obtain more information, currently, for example, the first time the vaccine appeared. They said 18 (years) and higher, but because clinical trials have continued to become 16 and higher, currently Pfizer, for example, is one of the companies that conduct clinical trials on those who are 12 and higher, and with days the groups will increase, and there are pregnant and lactating women who have entered the clinical stage now.

She said: Day after day, we have more scientific information, and the vision becomes clearer .. We ask people to be patient until, in the coming months, a sufficient number is vaccinated, and we have more accurate and better scientific information .. so that the world can break the cycle of infection, and this is our goal.