Transfer Residence Permit of Qatar to New Passport / Another Passport

Transfer Residence Permit to New Passport

This service allows to transfer valid RPs of sponsored persons from expired to newly issued passports. It is available for Qataris, residents, companies and organizations holding Qatari Smart ID Cards.

Online Instructions

  • Visit Ministry of Interior online website.
  • Enter dependent QID number.
  • Enter new passport details.
  • Pay appropriate fees and print payment receipt.


A transfer fee of QR100 applies.

Additional Information

You can also transfer residence permit to new passport through Metrash2.

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Transfer Dependent to Another Passport

Residents who wish to have a dependent transferred from one parental passport to another are required to submit an application to the Ministry of Interior for approval.

Parents who wish to transfer their dependents to their own passports should refer to the Transfer Dependent to His/Her Own Passport service. The sponsor is responsible for completing the application process.

Online Instructions

  • Load the online application.
  • Supply all required information, including ID, birth certificate and passport of all parties involved.
  • Select delivery option.
  • Pay appropriate fees.
  • The passport with the separate documentation will be delivered once it is ready.

Additional Information

If the passports have been delivered to the post office before 11 am, the delivery will be at the same day. But, if they have been delivered to the post office after 11 am, the delivery will be at the next day.
You can also transfer dependent to another passport through Metrash2.


The Application fee is QR50. Courier cost is QR40. Post office pickup costs QR10. Pickup at MOI’s Expatriate Affairs is free. Notification by SMS costs QR1.

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