US President Donald Trump signs an executive order – archive photo –

US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he intends to sign an executive order Saturday banning the application of Tik Tok to short videos owned by Chinese company (Byance Dance) in the United States, according to (Reuters).

“As far as Tik Tok is concerned, we will ban it in the United States … I will sign the document tomorrow,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday.

The move will mark the height of US national security concerns about the safety of personal data that Tik Tok addresses, and it will also represent a major blow to Paydance, which has become one of the few truly global Chinese conglomerates thanks to the commercial success of this app.

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The application “Tik Tok” is very popular with young people, especially thanks to the funny video clips that are transmitted through it and which are largely centered on dance and music, and the number of its users is about one billion people in the world.

(France Press) says that Trump’s decision comes after a review conducted by the “Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States” that considers contracts affecting American national security, adding that on Friday, before Donald Trump’s announcement, US media reported that the president would force a group Biddance is on sale of Tik Tok.

In recent weeks, US officials and parliamentarians have expressed concern that Beijing is using the platform for bad ends toward the United States.

Earlier, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said he would make a “recommendation” on “tik-tok” to the White House this week.

(France Brass) adds that “Tik Tok” had often had to defend itself about its relations with China, where “Biddance” has a similar application under a different name, and has always denied sharing data with the Chinese authorities and confirmed that it does not intend to accept any requests in this regard. .

According to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Financial News, the president was about to sign an official order to compel the Chinese parent company to abandon the very popular US application, under the pretext of protecting national security.

The Tuk Tuk administration refused to make any comment on the US President’s statement, saying only, “We are confident of the success of Tik Tok.”

He added, “Hundreds of millions of people came to Tik Tok for entertainment and communication, including the creators and artists who earn their living from the podium.”

The company pledged this week to maintain a high level of transparency, including allowing access to its algorithms to reassure users and regulators.

“The whole sector is subject to control and scrutiny and for good reason. Because of the company’s Chinese assets we are subject to more supervision. We accept this challenge,” CEO Kevin Meyer said in a post this week.

For his part, James Lewis, head of technology policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said he believed the security risk of using the application was “virtually non-existent”, but that “Biddance” may face pressure from China to submit to supervision.