25 Mar 2018 – 19:58

US central command denounces fake news about shifting bases

File Photo. Reuters

The Peninsula Online

Doha: The US central command has denounced fake news reports and rumours floating in some section of the media that they are shifting airbases from Qatar and Turkey.

The US command said that the reports by some media outlets in the blockading countries are “false” and without any “merit”

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“The US is not leaving Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, nor is the US leaving Al Udeid AB, Qatar. These reports are false and without merit,” The US central command said on itsofficial twitter handle.

Al Udeid serves as one of the most important overseas US military bases with operations throughout the Middle East launched from Qatar.

Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defence Affairs H E Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Al Attiyah had said in Washington in January that Doha will expand the American airbase that currently houses about 10,000 US military personnel.

The expansion at the Al Udeid base – home of the US Air Force Central Command – will allow for 200 more housing units for officers and their families, al-Attiyah said.

Some media outlets in siege countries have been spreading fake news reports about Qatar after the illegal blockade was imposed on Doha from June 2017.

Most of these news reports are without any sources and are completely fabricated.

Recently Qatar’s Government Communication Office has filed a lawsuit in the United States against people who launched a social media campaign to spread false information about the state to harm its interests.

In its complaint before a court in the state of New York, the office said its defendants used social media accounts since October 2017 to spread fake information about Qatar.