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The US House of Representatives voted in favor of passing a bill to remove US President Donald Trump from office through the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, following the attack on the US Congress building, last week.

And voted in favor of the draft resolution 223 against 205 rejected, while the draft resolution won the support of one Republican vote among the voters, represented by the Republican Representative, Adam Kinzinger.

The fourth paragraph of the amendment, which has not been used before, says that if the Vice President with the support of a majority of government members or “a body that Congress may appoint by law” informs the Presidents of the House and Senate that the President is unable to perform his duties, the Vice President may immediately take over These posts are as temporary head.

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If the president objects that he is not incapable of performing his duties while his deputy and other members persist in his impotence, the matter is referred to Congress for a vote and to determine whether the president is truly incapable of performing his duties or not.

However, US Vice President Mike Pence had preempted the House of Representatives decision, and expressed his refusal to dismiss the US President, Donald Trump … indicating that “activating the 25th amendment to remove President Trump is neither in the interest of the country nor the constitution.”

“I will not surrender to the political games in the House of Representatives at a critical time in the life of our nation,” Pence said in a message to Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, calling on Democrats to work with him to “reduce tension and unite the country.” The dreadful past is focused on ensuring an orderly transfer of power. “

The House of Representatives is seeking to isolate the US President, after a number of his supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington, DC, last Wednesday, coinciding with a session to validate the results of the presidential elections, in which the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, was declared the winner.

Today, the US House of Representatives will begin discussing the second impeachment of Republican President Donald Trump, after the House Rules Committee approved the rules for debate and voting.

Yesterday, the outgoing US President Donald Trump described the ongoing efforts to remove him from office as “absolutely ridiculous”, considering that it would “cause tremendous public anger.”

On January 6, demonstrators supporting Donald Trump stormed the Congress building (Capitol) after clashes with the police and besieged it, and this led to the suspension of the work of Congress and the evacuation of its members, in events that killed five people and injured others.