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Mr. Abdul Basit Al-Ajji, Director of the National Product Competitiveness Support Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry explained the elements of the new logo for the Qatari product.

Al-Ajji said – in an interview on “Al-Rayyan Channel” today, Sunday – that the logo of the new Qatari product mainly contains the Qatari flag, because the flag is the symbol of the Qatari identity.

He added that “the logo was chosen in a very simple way through the use of the flag in its official formation, in addition to the Arabic sentence” Qatari product “and its translation into English” QATARI PRODUCT “so that the logo message reaches all consumers. He emphasized that the main goal of the logo is to print the ID on the Qatari product.

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Al-Ajji pointed out that the period of grace for replacing the logo from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which was 3 months, was extended to 6 months, taking into account the companies that produced their products in large quantities using the old logo.

With the beginning of June 2021, producers must gradually use the new logo on Qatari products.

He added that some outlets have started using the new logo on store shelves and gradually in major outlets.