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A federal document revealed the intent of a congressman in Washington, DC, last Wednesday, killing Congress President Nancy Pelosi live and shouting: God is great.

According to an investigation document published by the New York Times correspondent Seamus Hughes on his Twitter account according to Al Jazeera, the FBI received information about a person called Cleveland Grover Meredith, who sent a text message in which he wrote, “I am thinking of going to Pelosi during her speech and shooting a bullet in the head on the air. “.
And one of the congressmen wrote in another message: “I will walk around Washington, DC, with people and shout: God is Great.”
After the location of the congressman in a hotel, the FBI agents went and searched his room and his phone. He confessed to having two firearms in his trailer, and he also admitted to sending these text messages to his friends and showing them to the investigators.
Investigators found two unlicensed firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
According to a document issued by the US Department of Justice, 13 people were explicitly charged before the federal court in connection with the events of the storming of Congress on January 6, including Meredith, who was charged with “a transnational threat to the States of Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”
Nearly 40 people were arrested and charged in the Supreme Court with crimes including: illegal entry, violation of curfews, and crimes related to firearms.
The FBI continues to urge the public to report any suspected use of explosive devices or violent acts related to the recent riots, as it searches for individuals who have incited or promoted violence in any way.