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Dr. Ahmed Al-Muhammad, Head of the Intensive Care Department at HMC, confirmed that the quarantine exception applies to everyone who has taken the anti-corona vaccine in Qatar only, in addition to that those who received the vaccine are allowed to travel to all countries.

He said during the Social Distance program on Qatar TV today, Monday evening, that the exception to quarantine applies to those who take the vaccine in Qatar only … so that there are no cases of falsification of certificates where it is possible for someone to come from any country and present a certificate whose source and validity are not known, and thus people are exposed. At risk ….

He explained that if anyone took the vaccine (two doses) in Qatar and traveled and returned he is excluded from the stone, and also in the event of travel to any other country, the important thing is to take the vaccine here and have a certificate of that, warning that two weeks must pass after the second dose of the vaccine.

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On the increase in the number of Coronavirus infections during the past weeks, Dr. Ahmed Al-Muhammad said: As is noticeable by following up the numbers at the community level, the numbers of Coronavirus “Covid 19” infections are unfortunately increasing in recent weeks, and this is reflected in the numbers of patients, and if the numbers increase In the community, it is expected that the number of cases requiring hospitalization will increase, pointing to the increase in cases that need non-intensive treatment, as well as cases that need intensive care. After it was about 50 cases out of 3 weeks in intensive care, the cases have now reached 85 or 90 cases and this In just 3 weeks.

And about the plan to confront the high number of Corona cases that occurred in recent weeks? He considered that the confrontation is now somewhat easier than before, saying: We previously went through this stage before and gained experience in facing the pandemic, and accordingly we were ready to expand our health services according to the increase in cases, and the expansion was easier this time because hospitals, beds, and devices are present.
He said that the number of beds currently reserved for Corona patients is approximately 1200 beds, of which only 200 are for intensive care, of which 50 are currently used, and we have 100 or 90 in reserve regarding intensive care and in non-intensive care, we have much greater numbers and we are ready to include other beds in other facilities that are in reserve. If we need it.

And about the numbers that enter the intensive care unit every day after it was closed recently? He pointed out that these numbers fluctuate, adding: It is an average of 9 to 15 cases of intensive care intervention, and at the beginning of the past two weeks, the cases ranged between 13 and 15 cases, and now 9 or 10 cases.

He continued: But the problem is in cases that come late, and there is difficulty in treating it, and it may resort to artificial respiration and the period of intensive care prolongs, especially since, unfortunately, there are some elderly people who remain silent for a period so that the disease can come from them and come late, cases are on the increase, but the increase is more in the category Age over 50 and 60 years old, and they are vulnerable to chronic disease and aging.

He advised the families of the elderly to pay attention, and as soon as symptoms appear in this age group, they must go to the nearest health or emergency center to check on the situation so that we do not reach the stage that requires direct entry into intensive care.

He emphasized that anti-vaccination propaganda has no scientific basis, pointing out that there are millions of doses taken all over the world and that this is the best experience in which you can judge any drug.

And with regard to the discussion raised recently about one dose of Pfizer vaccine sufficient for the second dose? Dr. Al-Muhammad said that this matter is based on studies even from the manufacturer, as they reached in the recent period the results that the first dose could give a protection of about 70 or 80%, which is very close to the second dose, which reaches 95%, considering that the 70% is not Simple ratio.

He pointed out that some countries were satisfied with the first dose of the vaccine until the largest number of doses are distributed, and there is a second method related to those who have recovered from the disease, saying that if there are people who have recovered from the disease, they are vaccinated with a single dose because he already has antibodies, he continues: But there are some Things are scientifically approved and some of them need time to be approved.