Getting a Qatari Visa

Whether you are looking to get a tourist visa, work visa or family visa – there is SO much conflicting information online so I have tried (to the best of my ability and things may still change) to put the basics on the two most common visas below:

Tourist Visa

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You need to check on this website if you are eligible to get VOA (Visa on Arrival) – If you are not applicable then you could go to this website to see how you can apply.

If you are applying to get the 90-day visa, then you must exit after the 90 day period. If you are applicable to get 30 days, then for some nationalities you can extend it online for another 1 month here:  (

Once you extend it, then you can view your current visa status and if needed print it out here: (

Please note that if you overstay in Qatar whilst on a tourist visa, you must pay 200 QAR (55 USD) per day. Unlike some other countries, if you exit the country and want to enter the next day, you can alhamdulillah. Just make sure you have a return ticket out of Doha within 30 days of arrival.

If you are staying with a family member who has an iqaamah, it may handy to have a picture/print out of the persons iqaamah to show them if they ask further questions regarding where you are staying etc and how you are related to them.

Family Visa

If you want to bring in your children or spouse, then you can actually sponsor them and apply to get them an iqaaama too and they will be under your sponsorship.

Any other family member (1st and 2nd degree) such as a mother, father, sister in law etc. can get a 6 month family visa if you apply for it. Extended relatives may get less. There are quite a few documents needed for this such as a stamped tenancy contract by the Baladiya (Local Council) and a NOC (No Objection Letter) from the company of the sponsor etc, in addition to certain requirements such as profession and salary. There are some companies which help assist you filling out the forms in Arabic etc. such as Sheen Services ( Recently they made new rules where you should apply through ‘Metrash’ however, if you are having some issues then there is no harm in going to your local immigration office and speak to the officer in charge.

Note that this visa does not give your relatives an iqaamah where they can get things like a Qatari driving license etc. Ask the ‘mandoob’ of your company for more information.

Just note that your relatives must get checked at the Medical Commission once the visa has been approved. If you wish to lengthen your relatives for longer than 6 months, you could go to the immigration office and explain your situation. If they agree, (I’ve read they may extend based on the circumstances for 1 or 2 months but it could vary) then alhamdulilah!

If not and they need another 6 months for example, then they need to leave the country and you need to repeat the process of applying for the family visa and do the medical test again. The 200 QAR per day overstay penalty applies for this visa.

Although some, or actually most people don’t need an exit permit to leave the country, you should check if you need it. You can check here: “

Work Visa: This visa is processed by your sponsor. This is temporary and is valid until your iqaamah comes through.

I just want to say that even though the whole visa process may be daunting and you may be missing some documents here and there, Allah always makes a way out for the believers.

SubhanAllah a sister once was missing a document that she absolutely needed and EVERYONE, literally everyone was saying it is ‘impossible’ to get the visa without it. She did not just give up mashaAllah, she went here and there with yakeen that Allah will make a way if this is good for her and guess what? She got it.

This is just one story out of many of the stories that happen when you are doing things for the sake of Allah. If you walk towards Allah, He runs to you. Shaytaan tries to get you worried, anxious and overwhelmed with everything but believe that Allah is Al-Wali and He is sufficient for you. This is advice to myself first and foremost. May Allah grant us His pleasure. Ameen