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The Public Prosecution in Egypt referred a judge in an appeals court, and two of his friends (two businessmen) to a speedy trial before the criminal court, on charges of luring, kidnapping and rape a girl in a tourist village on the northern coast, according to Egyptian media.

According to the referral order, the judge (40 years), along with the owner of a contracting office, and the owner of an electrical appliances company, kidnapped one of the girls on December 8 and 9, and raped her on a rotating basis.

The Public Prosecution relied on the referral order on the testimony of the victim, the owner of the neighboring villa, the security personnel of the security company guarding the Marina, the ambulance employee, the broker who provided the villa to the perpetrators, and the forensic doctor who revealed that the victim had been subjected to criminal violence.

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The forensic doctor added that while signing the medical examination on the accused judge, he confessed to him of raping her and edited a common-law marriage contract at a later date of the incident which he proved with a (old) date corresponding to last November 13, in addition to paying the victim two million pounds and signing receipts for trust in the amount of 5 million pounds. To reverse her statements in the investigations and deny the accusation.

DNA analysis confirmed the validity of the investigations against the accused judge, as well as the investigations of the security services.

The three perpetrators had agreed to lure the girl to rape her. The first accused accused her of holding a conference on real estate investment in her field of work with him outside Alexandria, and he asked her to accompany him and the other two accusers, claiming to have reserved a single residence for her in a hotel in the city of Marina.

The girl recognized the first accused through social media, according to what she said, and asked him to help her get a job opportunity. He offered her to work for him in the field of real estate investment, so she agreed to him and took sums of money from him. On the date of the incident, he accused her to hold a conference on her work with him in Ain Sokhna.

She said that, after half an hour after entering the villa, she was surprised that one of the perpetrators had paralyzed her, and that they took turns raping her.

The security services of the Alexandria Security Directorate had received a report from a girl, accusing a judge, a company owner, and a third with them of kidnapping and raping her inside a villa in the Marina area, and by intensifying investigations, the information confirmed the authenticity of the report, and the security forces arrested the perpetrators after obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution.