27 Apr 2018 – 6:18

Ministry of Culture seeks to put Qatari theatre on world map

Minister of Culture and Sports, H E Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali at the first annual forum of theatre held yesterday at the Qatar National Theatre.

The Peninsula

DOHA: Minister of Culture and Sports, H E Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali, said that the Ministry seeks to put the Qatari theatre on the world map and to set an example in the Arab region and the world.

At the first annual forum of theatre held yesterday at the Qatar National Theatre, in the presence of officials of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and a large group  of artists and playwrights, the Minister  said  that Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, said that the country’s vision is to lead the artistic movement in Qatar to take its place on the map of the Arab and international theater. The annual forum of the theater is an opportunity for consultation among all , whether officials of the Ministry or the playwrights, to be the outcome of opinions and treatment of various issues with multiple views that push the theater  movement  forward, which allows us to work mechanisms clearly and transparently in the areas of theater, music or visual arts Cinema and other arts,  the Minister noted.

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The Minister added that with the launch of the Ministry’s vision “towards a conscious society with an authentic conscience and a healthy body” we have had two options, either we continue the previous experience and expect the same results, or  propose new alternatives and at the same time evaluate our experience and this is what is happening now.

He stressed that the theater had witnessed a great movement during the season ended in terms of quantity and quality, which proved the return of the public to the theater, where plays  attracted the plays about 40,000 spectators.

The Minister said that the Qatari theater was shining in the shadow of the unjust siege on Qatar, even though it has not yet satisfied our ambitions. We seek to make the Qatari theater an example in our Arab, Islamic and international world, especially in the absence of a serious theater that serves the nations,  and that the Qatari theater is a participant in the world theater movement not only through international festivals, but also that it has a foothold on the world stage. He stressed that the Ministry would  not mind supporting the performance of Qatari plays with high technical specifications, such as in London, Istanbul or other capitals and other countries.

The Minister listened to the views and theses of the playwrights, which dealt with many aspects such as the importance of interest in the child  theater  or external participants, as well as reviewing the method of evaluating theatrical season and attention to the civil teams and other things that help in the progress  of the Qatari theatrical movement,  where his response to various theses promising to work to achieve the demands of the playwrights and the study of all proposals in order to achieve the benefit of theatrical movement.