Performing physical exercise outdoor in Qatar in the summer time puts off many people due to the unbearable temperatures. However, people interested in outdoor fitness activities are in for a treat this summer thanks to the opening of larger malls in the country. Many of the colossal malls in the country offer entertainment and avenues of leisure to visitors.

Many people who exercise and workout in winters are forced to give it up because indulging in activities such as cycling in summer in Qatar is nearly impossible, however, such people can enjoy their cycling at the newly opened Doha Festival City (DHFC) mall.

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DHFC has a 3-km temperature controlled leisure trail, which is surely going to attract cycling enthusiasts, skateboarders and runners as the temperature has begun to climb steeply in Qatar.

The newly opened mall houses 500 stores, 100 dining outlets and long corridors which are equivalent to a distance of 4km.

Many fitness aware people are expected to take to the malls this not only for shopping but also for walking around. Another perk for using malls as fitness trails is that they are free of cost.

“If you are not hardcore physical workouts and prefer going for just a walk, malls are the perfect place for you to enjoy your walks in the summer”, said an expat.

It is worth mentioning that prominent malls of the country such as Hyatt Plaza, Al Khor, Villaggio, and Landmark have partnered with the Aspire Zone Foundation in order to encourage more people to take up exercise or at least walking under AZF’s ‘Step into Health, Walk in the Mall’ programme.