Similar to other Gulf countries, Qatar also issues an ID to its residents. This in Qatar is called Iqama, the same as in Saudi Arabia. While you are staying in Qatar, this Iqama should be valid in any case, so that you need to check regularly if it is canceled or expired in any case to avoid any hassle. An Iqama is just a plastic card with a holder’s photo and some of the basic personal information.

It is an 11 digits number, for example, 28014404**2.

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Qatari ID numbers are randomly placed or machine-generated, but there is a proper logic behind how the system generates these numbers. It contains information like Age, Nationality, Country. So anyone can understand just by looking at your card that you are from which country.


As I told you earlier that it consists of 11 digits.

1st Digit: If it is 2, you are born between 1900-1999, and 3 means that you are after 2000.

2nd  and 3rd Digits: It is your year of birth (last two digits)

4th, 5th, and 6th  DigitsIt represents your country code as per ISO Coding.

Last five digitsThe number of people from the same country of the same birth joined Qatar already in a sequence.

For example, with ID number 28884007777; it means you were born in 1988, and you are

the 7777 American who was born in 1988 who are here in Qatar already.

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It is a must-have if you need to;

  • Open a Bank Account
  • Need a Driving License
  • Ministry of Interior Queries Online
  • Need Loan
  • Need a Car on Lease
  • Any many more Official Works
  • You can get Ooredoo or Vodafone Mobile Sim Card

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Step – 1: First of all, go to the Ministry of Interior Portal here, MOI of Qatar. You will see a screen like below and click on Inquiries.

You will see screen like this once you will go to MOI website

Step – 2: Now, you will see the screen like below again, and this time select Other Inquiries

Choose Other Queries

Step – 3: Now Click on Official Documents

Choose Official Documents

Step – 4: Now, you will see two options either you can choose QID Number or Passport. But make sure with the passport you have to enter the nationality. I will show you here with a QID number.

Enter Your QID Number or Chose Passport and Enter Nationality

Step – 5: Enter the verification code as above. It is “031”. You will be different.

Step – 6: Now, click on the search button, and you will see the information like in below if your QID is valid, or else you may see is canceled or “Does not Exist.”

All related information will be displayed like expiry date of QID

Here as in the picture, you will find the information like – All Expiry Date.

  • ID Card Expiry Date
  • Passport Expiry Date
  • Residency Expiry Date
  • Driving Licence Expiry Date (PRIVATE-Car )

Note down and check your information and act accordingly. If your passport expires, you can not travel back to the home country and not renew your ID.

One more thing in Qatar, you QID, is the driving license number. You can search the data again as many times as you need. Have a continuous check to avoid any hassle later on.

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