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The next meeting of the Health Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council states will discuss the possibility of activating the health passport or the health certificate of immunity to facilitate the movement of citizens between the countries of the Council.

The health ministers of the Gulf states are also looking into the possibility of linking the approved Gulf applications to each other, related to the results of swabs and vaccination.

Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Anbaa” quoted sources as saying that the Gulf Health Council is currently studying the genetic sequence of the “Covid-19” virus in the Gulf countries.

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She explained that the council “may require a PCR examination before entry or upon arrival in the Gulf states, provided that the certificate is standardized, with applications for each country to ensure the validity of the examination data, and the validity of the examination certificate is 72 hours, while continuing to enter the Council’s citizens with a passport and not a card.” Civil. “

The sources pointed out that the treatment of Gulf citizens free of charge in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the event of a diagnosis of “Covid-19” disease in any of the Gulf countries.

She stated that there is an emphasis on the application of precautionary measures in the GCC countries, from quarantine to arrivals and isolation for the infected, in addition to “exchanging information in the Gulf regarding new strains and the precautionary measures that are applied in each country, and the effectiveness of PCR tests to detect mutated viruses.”

She indicated that the ministries of health in the Gulf countries “share information about new vaccines, the effectiveness of vaccines used at different ages, and the mutations and side effects that are monitored.”

And recently, as part of their efforts to control the Corona virus, most Gulf countries resorted to issuing a health passport for their residents who received a vaccine against the epidemic. In order to secure travel and make it safer and more smooth

The Gulf countries were among the first countries to launch a health passport and issue it to their residents, after confirming that they had received the second dose of the Corona vaccine.