From around the world, Asian women have something to brag about when it comes down to not just the brains but beauty and sexiness. From their expressive eyes to goddess-like bodies that screams ? Gorgeous, this list of the top 10 most beautiful and sexy Asian women of 2016 will definitely wow you with their unique and exotic allure.

10. Fan Bingbing


Beautiful Asian Women – Fan Bingbing

Renowned as “China’s biggest star”, Fan became a popular face after playing movie roles in Shaolin, Sacrifice, and Buddha Mountain. Aside from having a beautiful face, Fan is also a pop singer, tops third on the list of Forbes’ China Celebrity and sparkles at the red carpet with her penchant for elegant and conceptual fashions.

Fan Bingbing in 68th Annual Cannes Film festival

9. Ha Nui Lee

Beautiful Asian Women – Ha Nui Lee
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Coming from the “Land of the Morning Calm”, Ha Nui Lee is another contender for Asia’s most beautiful and sexy women of 2016. She has also represented her country in the Miss Universe Pageant. She has a bachelor’s degree from Seoul National University with honors. She is best known for her role in Hit, Deranged, Tazza 2 and I Am a King. She also appeared in TV shows like Pasta, To The Beautiful You, Partner and many more. In fact she is the most well known vegetarian in Korea in her TV Show Lee Ha Nui’s Vegan Recipes. She quickly made her way up in the list of The Most Beautiful Asian Actresses.

Ha Nui Lee Shot for InStyle

8. Dia Mirza

Beautiful Asian Women – Diya Mirza

Hot, charming, sexy, and beautiful, Dia makes the top of the list of the most beautiful and sexy Asian women. Dia Mirza, the Indian actress was born in Hydrabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Her German father and Indian mother split when she was 6 years old, and her mother married again after some time. When she was 16, she had a job in Sriven Multi-tech, Hydrabad. She, then pursued modeling for Lipton and Emami, among others. She, later participated in Femina Miss India Pageant, in which she stood as the second runner up and won three other titles namely, Miss Beautiful Smile, Sony Viewers Choice andMiss India Pacific. She became Miss Asia Pacific in the year 2000, which cemented her name in the list of The Most Hot Asian Women. She started her career from the movie Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein in the year 2001.

Diya Mirza Photo for PETA

7. Masami Nagasawa

Beautiful Asian Women – Masami Nagasawa

With numerous awards to her name, Masami is not just a talented Japanese actress – she’s also one of Asia’s hottest, sexiest, charming, and most beautiful women to date. With a natural talent for playing musical instruments, Masami also acts as a radio personality and does modeling on the side. She was rated no.1 on the Hottest Japanese Girls in Japan. Before that, Masami actually bested more than 35,000 contenders at a tender age of 12 when she entered the 5th Toho ?Cinderella Contest’ held in 2000.

Masami Nagasawa Attend Umimachi Diary

6. Marian Rivera

Beautiful Asian Women – Marian Rivera

A natural born Filipino, Marian Rivera stands to be not only one of Philippines’ most beautiful women but also in Asia too. With her naturally voluptuous body, charming face, and sexy wit, it didn’t take long for Marian to hit the list of Asia’s most beautiful ladies. It did not take her much time to shine through and find her name in the list of The Most Sexy Asian Actresses. She was also designated the fifth rank in 2009 Top Celebrity Endorsers. In her elementary years, Marian pursued modeling and later she was on television. She won FHM sexiest female in the year 2008, won it for the second time in the year 2013 and 2014 for the third.

Marian Rivera Pic in Bikini

5. Katrina Kaif

Bollywood Actress – Katrina Kaif

With a charming face and a body worthy of gracing any magazines, it’s little wonder that Katrina Kaif is one of Bollywood’s highest paid and most beautiful actresses. With a beauty as timeless as she ages, Katrina became well known for her movies like the Ek Tha Tigerr, Like Namaste London, and Singh Is King.

Beautiful Asian Women – Katrina Kaif

4. Charming Beautiful Asian Women – Zhang Ziyi

Charming Beautiful Asian Women – Zhang Ziyi

As a 37-year old Chinese model and actress, Ziyi really has what it takes to make the top of the list of Asia’s most beautiful and sexiest women. In fact, Ziyi made it second on one of Taiwan’s magazine’s top 100 sexiest women. With her flawless complexion and classic facial features topped with her grace and talent, Ziyi really deserves to be called as the “most beautiful Chinese woman”.

Ziyi Zhang in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie

3. Soft and Beautiful Eyes Women – Yukie Nakama

Beautiful Asian Women – Nakama Yukie

After starting her career as a former idol and singer, Yukie is now one of the many faces gracing Japanese movies and TV shows. Her most popular role so far was as a math teacher in the live version of the action manga, Gokusen. Together with her talent and her beauty, Yumie is indeed a worthy candidate for Asia’s most beautiful and sexiest women.

Soft Beautiful Eyes Japanese Women – Yukie Nakama

2. Beautiful Asian Women – Zhang Zilin

Beautiful Asian Women – Zhang Zilin

Zhang Zilin was born in Hebei but later she moved to Beijing and she attended her high school there, from the year 1996 to 2002. In 2003, she had participated in a pageant organized by New Silk Road Modeling Agency. Due to her lack experience, she could only land in the top 10. She has been shortlisted in Top Ten Professional Models in Chinese Fashion and Culture Awards. In the year 2007, she was crowned Miss World. She made her debut in the movie The Underdog Knight in the year 2011.

Zhang Zilin with Kelly Lewis

1. Beautiful Asian Women – Hye Kyo Song

Beautiful Asian Women – Hye Kyo Song

She was a figure skater in her school but she quit that in her eight grade. She made her debut as a model for a school uniform company. She got her first role in the television show First Love, albeit a small one. But her break through was in Autumn In My Heart, by which she gained massive popularity throughout Asia and cemented her name in the list of The Most Beautiful Asian Actresses. Gaining most of her popularity from television shows, Hye Kyo Song is one of Korea’s jewels with her beautiful and charming face, sexy body, and exceptional personality on TV. Hye Kyo Song started to rise in fame when she got her first lead role in Autumn In My Heart which garnered fame throughout Asia.

Hye Kyo Song in Autumn In My Heart Movie

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