White Mulberry Extract Benefits

There are many literature references to white mulberry. It seems this plant works perfectly against numerous dangerous and painful diseases such as cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, infections and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Originating from China, white mulberry is the main feed of silkworms. The United Sates colonists brought it in order to help the silk industry evolve. Its wooden part has been used to make tennis rackets, hockey sticks, boats and furniture.

White Mulberry and Type II Diabetes
benefits of white mulberry supplementsThere are certain chemicals in this plant that function just like the medicines used for type II diabetes. By slowing down the activity of sugar in the guts, chemicals get to be much easily absorbed into the blood, keeping it at normal levels. It is a very well known fact that people suffering from diabetes have elevated levels of sugar in their blood. The most present substance in medicines used for diabetes is glyburied. When the patient uses 5 mg of glyburied a day, the blood sugar levels decrease by only 8%. A single gram of powdered white mulberry, taken three times a day for a month, reduces the blood sugar levels by 27%.

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Mulberries Nutrition

White Mulberry Side Effects?
Many who are researching the side effects of white mulberry extract will want to know a few things.

By lowering the cholesterol levels, white mulberry addresses the atherosclerotic plaque. High levels of cholesterol build up plaque in the arteries. Scientists use white mulberry in different kind of medicines, in order to fight cardiovascular problems.

When it comes to neurodegenerative diseases, white mulberry works perfectly against Parkinson’s disease. It seems the antioxidants in this plant have the ability to provide protection against cerebral ischemia and neurotoxins. This is why it is critical to remember to always detoxify and cleanse the body to avoid white mulberry side effects.

Another health problem white mulberry is capable to deal with is obesity. The plant accelerates metabolism, making it easier for the lipids to get absorbed. This means body weight will drop down and the adipose tissue will get to be destroyed. Intestinal parasites are easily removed with the use of the plant’s leaves and roots.

Another health issue white mulberry addresses is kidney stones. There are only 4 types of kidney stones. The most common of them are the ones called calcium oxalates. The person suffering from kidney stones should take mulberry juice every day so the stones would no longer get formed.

The uric acid stones appear in those who dehydrated or those who consume too much meat. White mulberry is one of the most efficient kidney cleansers. More than this, it also strengthens this pair organ.

As http://whitemulberryextract.net indicates, Chinese medicine uses this plant’s juice as a blood tonic, due to the fact that it cleanses the entire bloodstream while strengthening the immune system. Since it also has sedative effects, white mulberry functions great as a pain and stress reliever.

Potential side effects of White Mulberry
Even though there haven’t been conducted too many studies on it, white mulberry is being considered safe by many scientists. Many people have used it and no side effects have been reported. However, when it comes to breastfeeding and pregnant mothers, it is always best to not use the product.

Source: Weightlossleaders.com