4 of the best breakfasts to eat before hellrunner

If you’re taking on the UK’s toughest half marathon, you’re going to need a decent breakfast to fuel up before the race. Your pre HellRunner breakfast should be rich in complex carbohydrates (your body’s preferred energy source) and contain a good dose of high-quality protein. Aim for a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio. This will top up your body’s glycogen stores efficiently and get you up those Hills of Hell.

Punchy Porridge

Oatmeal with bananas - 4 of the best breakfasts
Oatmeal with bananas

Warm-up before the Bog Of Doom with a warming bowl of porridge. Oats provide slow-releasing carbohydrate to fuel longer runs and will keep you fuller for longer. An easy-to-digest carbohydrate, bananas are a great porridge topper for a fast boost of energy. Dried fruit such as berries will also provide quick-release instant energy, as will a good drizzle of honey.

50g porridge oats, 350ml semi-skimmed milk, one chopped banana, two teaspoons of honey


Mighty muesli

bowl of granola and yogurt with fresh berries - 4 of the best breakfasts
bowl of granola and yogurt with fresh berries
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Combining wholegrains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, muesli provides a great source of slow-burning energy – just what you need when you’re five miles in, drenched in bog water, and have a hellish incline to tackle. Combine with milk or probiotic-rich yoghurt as an easy-to-digest, liquid carbohydrate.

Recipe: 60g Rude Health Super Fruity Organic Muesli served with a tablespoon of 2% Total Greek Yogurt and a handful of fresh berries.


Bad-ass bagel

Healthy Organic Whole Grain Bagel - 4 of the best breakfasts
Healthy Organic Whole Grain Bagel

Whether you’re a sweet tooth or a savoury lover, you can’t go wrong with a bagel. Top it with peanut butter for a slow sustained release of energy or smother in low-fat soft cheese for a good dose of protein. Choose a white bagel as an easy-to-digest carbohydrate.

Recipe: 1 white bagel with 1 tbsp of low-fat soft cream cheese and top with 1 thinly sliced apple and 1 tbsp of raisins.


Efficient eggs

Scrambled Eggs - 4 of the best breakfasts
Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs on toast offer the perfect balance of carbohydrate and protein. Not only a great source of protein, eggs also provide plenty of B vitamins. While whole-grain bread is a healthier option, it is worth sticking to white bread the morning before a race to avoid an upset stomach! Refined carbohydrates will provide your body with quickly absorbed energy needed to fuel your muscles!

Recipe: 2 scrambled eggs, a handful of spinach leaves, 1 teaspoon butter, 2 slices white toast and a 250ml glass of orange juice.