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The ordinary general assembly of Al-Rayyan club will be held at 7 pm today, at the club’s headquarters, and the meeting witnesses many points on the agenda, including discussion of the president’s report on the club’s work in the year ending 2019-2020 and the action plan for Al Rayyan for the next year, and the election of the club’s president and vice president in the session The next continuing until 2024.

His Excellency Sheikh Ali bin Saud Al Thani for the position of President and Ali Salem Afifa for the position of Vice President were formally submitted to run for office, and the membership and elections committee in the club will be formed, and the proposals submitted by members of the General Assembly will be discussed along with the rest of the points on the meeting agenda, and the General Assembly meeting will be It is correct in the presence of the absolute majority (50% +1) of the members who have the right to attend. On the other hand, Saud Farhan returned to training at Al-Raheeb after the end of his loan to Al-Shahaniya.