A drug trafficker has been sentenced to death by a criminal court for smuggling 120kg hashish and opium by sea with four other accomplices. The others have also been punished with a heavy fine and jail.

Apart from death sentence, the first accused has also been imposed a fine of QR 500,000, while two others got life imprisonment and a fine of QR 500,000 each. The fourth accused has been sentenced to seven years in jail and a fine of QR 200,000 and fifth accused received jail for one year and QR 10,000 fine for using drugs but was acquitted from the charge of possessing it, as reported by Al Sharq.

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Moreover, the seized drugs, mobile phones and diving gears used for committing the crime, have also been ordered to be confiscated by the court.


Court history reveals that a coast guard found three barrels of hashish and opium containing about 120 kg near Qatari waters. The five smugglers were caught while diving to take out this drug consignment from deep sea by the security agency including anti-drugs department and the coast guard.