42-year-old recruitment consultant in Dubai claims she has fallen on bad days and is desperately in need of a job to clear her dues

Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/XPRESS
Nowhere to go. Briton Aisha roughs it out in a car and survives on doles from acqaintances and strangers

Published: 15:00 January 18, 2017XPRESS


Dubai: A 42-year-old British national of Indian origin visiting Dubai says she has been living out of a car for the last four months as she has run out of money and into debt, which she claims she cannot repay unless she lands a job.

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An HR/recruitment consultant and former UAE resident, Aisha told XPRESS she arrived in Dubai from London on September 6 to wind up a management company she had once established, but ended up in a mess after losing whatever money she had.

“I was naïve and lent over Dh40,000 for the overseas treatment of a young cancer patient, but have not got it back,” claimed the woman, adding she herself suffered from a “motor neuron disorder”.

Mounting bills

She said she is desperate for employment as she needs money to clear her outstanding of around Dh10,000 with one car rental company, even as the car rental charges at another company and fines for overstaying in the UAE are mounting by the day.

“I don’t have the money to pay up and am staring at the legal implications,” she said.

Living on dole from acquaintances and strangers, Aisha said she had no help from her family and every passing day was proving to be a nightmare.

“I park my car in different dirt car parks and try to get some sleep during the nights. I use hotel toilets to freshen up, manage with the few clothes I have and eat whatever little comes my way. I cannot turn to my friends as they have already helped me – they don’t take my calls anymore and I understand that.” She said, “I feel like my life is on the brink. But I don’t want to fail after journeying so far.”

Speaking in fluent English, the woman said she was willing to take up any job in the fields of HR recruitment, sales or training.

“I desperately need a job, someone please consider me,” she pleaded, adding that she wanted to settle down in Dubai as she had little to go back to in the UK.