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The General Tax Authority announced the end of the period granted to taxpayers to register on the online tax portal, on December 31, 2020.

The Authority announced its readiness to start receiving tax returns for the year 2020, starting 1/1/2021.

The authority has extended the registration on the tax portal until the end of the current year, in order to facilitate the companies and taxpayers, especially in light of the current health conditions and the continued application of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19 /), after stopping the work of the tax administration system (TAS) and its final closure, And providing all tax data and services through the portal / tax / electronic

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The Authority called that all taxpayers registered with it, and those who have not reconciled their status, must re-register via the / tax / electronic portal during the remaining days in the year 2020, noting that all persons who engage in economic activities must do the tax registration on the online portal, including: So home business owners.

It warned that failure of the taxpayer to register during this period will expose him to a financial penalty, according to the provisions of Article (24/3) of the Income Tax Law No. (24) of 2018, noting that the registered taxpayers will be exempted from the financial penalties related to non-registration. In the old system and not issuing a tax card, provided that the registration is done before the specified period, i.e. at the end of the current year.

The General Tax Authority will provide the necessary support to all users regarding the registration process and clarify the methods available to introduce the mechanism and methods of registration on the system through the explanatory procedures available on the website, in addition to responding to all questions and inquiries received through the communication channels provided by the authority, including accounts Authority on social networking sites.

In the context of developing services and replacing the electronic tax portal as an alternative to the previously applied (TAS) system, the Authority recently suspended the work of the (TAS) system permanently, and transferred all important tax data and services for taxpayers and their representatives to the electronic tax portal, which includes, registration in the portal, Managing the taxpayer’s representative, submitting and amending declarations, entering and following up statements, notifications and requests, requesting certificates and following up on financial operations and payment procedures.

The tax / electronic portal aims to provide the best tax services and make them available in an efficient and easy manner. To benefit from the services of the authority, the most important of which are: issuing a tax card and appointing a representative of the taxpayer.

The authority worked during the beginning of this year to establish this electronic system (tax) in order to organize and simplify the tax procedures and meet the future requirements of the state in achieving full connectivity between all entities that have a direct relationship with tax operations, and in accordance with the latest standards, regulations and international experiences in this regard.