Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani yesterday issued Law No. 4 of 2017 amending some provisions of the Penal Code promulgated by Law No. 11 of 2004.
The law amends article 333 of the old law and stipulates punishment of not more than two years in jail or fine not exceeding QR10,000 or both for anyone violating the sanctity of life of individuals without their approval and in situations not permitted by the law, by conducting any of following actions.
Opening a letter or telegram directed to someone else; eavesdropping a private telephone conversation or recording; transferring dialogues or private conversations that took place in a special place using any devices; or taking or transferring photos of individuals or a group of people in a special place using any device.
The above mentioned punishments also apply to anyone taking or transferring photos of an individual or group of people in a public place using any device with the purpose of defaming or misuse.
Taking or transferring photos or videos of the injured or deceased in accidents, in an unauthorised manner will also result in similar punishments.
Article 2 of the amended law indicated that all the bodies concerned in his area of specialisation must execute the law that will be published in the official gazette.