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The “ibs intelligence” website published a report in which it talked about the largest investments in financial technology in Europe during the current year, stressing that Qatar is among the main drivers of this sector, whether at the local or external level, by injecting significant capital into a group of Al-Fitnak projects in the old continent, citing the five largest investments in 2021 in the British and European market as a whole, and the partnership of the Qatar Investment Authority and British Starling Bank came second in terms of financial value, after the global payment services company SOMOP, which spent about 750 million euros financing its plans The future aiming at innovating and using the latest technologies in this sector, with the aim of diversification and occupying a greater position at the international level.

The report showed that Qatar’s ranking second in terms of huge investments in the financial technology sector at the level of Britain and the old continent did not come out of nowhere. Rather, it came as a result of the Qatar Investment Authority pumping about 272 million pounds into the British Starling Bank, seeking to obtain financing of up to 1.1 One billion pounds in the coming period, as part of its constant search to achieve all its development goals aimed at making the bank at the forefront of banks based on the best financial technology mechanisms, which could be achieved if its partnership with the Qatar Sovereign Fund Authority continues, which is among the largest Technology investors in the world.

The report indicated that the investments of the digital platform “Bitpanda” for this year in order to keep pace with financial technology came in third place, after it was estimated at more than 170 million dollars, while the commercial vehicle insurance company Zigo ranked fourth with 150 million dollars, followed by the investments of the company. The French “PayFit” specializing in salaries and human resources that has exceeded the $ 90 million barrier, is expected to witness more deals and huge investments in the financial technology sector, especially after the outbreak of the emerging coronavirus crisis.