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Today, the Ministry of Public Health announced new features for a precautionary application, including home quarantine and a case of vaccination against COVID-19, in a tweet it posted on its official Twitter account.

These features include the feature of locating the home quarantine from the map and displaying the vaccination status on the Caution app.

The property of locating home quarantine on the map:

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– All individuals subject to home quarantine will be able to use the feature of locating them on the map using the pin symbol within the first 24 hours of the health status on the Caution app turning yellow. “Locate Quarantine” will appear below the QR code on the app’s health status page when quarantined.

– This feature is used in cases where the residence address is not available (the blue panel), or in cases where the person chooses to remain in quarantine in a place other than the place of the registered national address. If the person decides to quarantine at the person’s registered national address where there is a specific address (the blue panel), there is no need to use this feature on the application, as the basic residence will be used automatically by the application.
Individuals will be able to use this feature only once, as the site will become immutable (locked) once it is used.

Displaying the vaccination status on the precaution app:
– The vaccination status of all individuals who received full doses of the Covid-19 vaccine (two doses at the moment in Qatar) will be displayed on the precaution application, 7 days after the last dose is given.

– The new feature will appear on the app’s health status page with a golden frame around the QR code, and a stamp image confirming that the person has received the vaccination. 
Note that the golden frame will remain visible in all four health cases on the (Precaution) application, once the person receives the vaccination. 

– The application will also include an additional tab called “Vaccination” that shows the person’s vaccination details, including the dates of the dose / doses, and the name of the vaccine used. 

It should be noted that, at the present time, this new feature of vaccination that appears on the application of precaution does not change any policies or protocols established by the State of Qatar, which means that all requirements are still in effect such as social distancing, wearing a mask, and quarantine protocols.