19 Feb 2018 – 13:18

Ministry launches smart device to impound cars at home

The Peninsula Online

Doha: Motorists in Qatar will be able to keep impounded vehicles at their own premises instead of leaving it at police-designated impounding yards, Traffic department announced during a conference held in Doha today.

The ‘Analyze the Traffic Situation During 2017’ conference was held at the General Directorate of Traffic.

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‘Smart Impound’ enables tracking and locating the vehicle during house impound to ensure compliance with the specified duration of the penalty.

Captain Riad Ahmed Mohamed said at the conference that “the device is activated after two hours of installation and set up of the impound duration and action will be taken in case if the vehicle is moved with the device in it.”

Previously people had to take the impounded vehicle to police yard in Industrial Area for keeping these vehicles for the duration of punishment. The duration varies depending on the offence.

“The option to impound the vehicle at the house of the perpetrator is not for all traffic violations,” he added.

Text messages will be sent to the offender and the device will be installed in the car by specialists from the Traffic department.