We have always had a special place in our hearts for local startups. There is an energy here that is infectious. A culture that is aspirational. A dream that is alluring.

And the things that are true for startups everywhere but with a unique character that is quintessentially Qatari. Businesses that fulfil real needs and imagined idiosyncrasies with equal fervour.

We try to go behind the scenes for a light and engaging tête-ã-tête with the young founders of some of the best startups in Qatar – some veteran companies that have been on our radar for a while and also some news ones that we are quite excited about.

qatar airways

Nuwaid: Someone bold enough to believe in his ideas and persistent enough to execute them with or without help.

Saima: Someone who can listen to what the customer wants and provide them with solutions that exceed expectations.

Nuwaid: Money. I am quite generous when it comes to money, while Saima is known to be the “collection agent”. Well, she keeps the company alive.

Saima: Nuwaid is all about revenue generation but has no track of expenses. Let’s say he is sometimes a walking, talking credit card!

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