24 Jun 2018 – 9:07

Probe on traffic accident at Khalifa Al Attiyah intersection continues

Photo Credit: Al Sharq newspaper

By Sidi Mohamed | The Peninsula

DOHA: The investigation on the recent traffic accident at the intersection of Khalifa Al Attiyah that led to the fall of a vehicle from a height of 10 metres from a bridge on February 22 is still continuing and the case has been transferred to Public Prosecution.

“The reason behind the accident was jumping the red signal, after which it was hit by another car. Due to the collision, the car broke the barrier and fell down from the bridge,” said a source at the General Directorate of Traffic.

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The accident resulted in the death of a four-year-old girl while another boy, six-year-old, suffered minor injuries. Father and mother were injured and admitted to hospital but they didn’t lose consciousness.

The General Directorate of Traffic on its official Twitter account said that the reason behind the accident was speed and jumping red signal.

Regarding the issue of the strength of barrier and why it could not withstand the impact, he said the traffic investigation will include everything concerning the barrier and all other situations related to the accident in collaboration with Ashghal. In case if there is any issue with the quality of the barrier then concerned authority responsible will be invited to the Prosecution.

“In my opinion, the barrier was strong but due to the speed of the collision, the car fell down after breaking it. Also we should know that all the traffic accidents which cause damage of more than QR10,000 are transferred directly to the Public Prosecution,” the source said.

About the fine of jumping red signal, he pointed out the fine ranges from QR6000 to QR50000 depending on the cases”.

“People have to respect the traffic rules especially speed. The fine of jumping red signal is high due to the dangers of such violation. Our aim is to protect people’s life,” he added.

Replying to a question about some cases that the motorist are not jumping red signal but the camera radars seize  them, he said the camera seizes anyone who touches the line because there is sensor line and motorists should not stand on it and the violation of  QR1000 is registered and it is called the violation of not respecting the lines.