16 Feb 2018 – 19:08

UAE’s anti-Qatar parallel Munich event with East European models turns comic

‘Speakers’ at the event called for the imposition of a trade blockade on Qatar.

The Peninsula Online

Doha:  An event held in Munich, ambitiously titled “Arab Diplomatic Conference” to tarnish the image of Qatar,  rather turned an ugly fiasco which embarrassed the organizers than hitting the ‘target.’

Al Jazeera Arabic says the event became a ‘farce’ and those present at the meeting described it as comic.

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The conference, held at the behest of siege countries in a hall in Charles Hotel – one of the most luxurious hotels– next to Ludwig Maximilians Universität, a  university, was aiming to attract the spotlight and people who came for Munich Security Conference.

‘Speakers’ at the event called for the imposition of a trade blockade on Qatar. They sought to ‘disrupt’ the participation of Qatar in the Munich Security Conference.

The blockade countries arranged around 25 Eastern European models to host the conference.  Some participants themselves disclosed it to Al Jazeera Arabic that someone paid them to attend the conference.

One participant in the conference read a paper prepared in advance and said, “It is surprising to see the excesses Qatar does and their support for terrorism”

One Nancy, who identified herself as a member of the Washington Center for Political and Strategic Studies, spoke in broken English and asked India and the United States not to buy Qatari gas. This prompted the audience to burst out in laughter.

“I take this conference today to say that I am surprised by what Qatar is doing and I think that Germany, Europe and the whole world should stop it in any way,” said Maria, another participant.

According to Al-Sharq, A student embarrassed the organisers by asking why Qatar was not invited to respond to the accusations against it.

An Egyptian tourism officer presented himself as an expert in the media and the fight against terrorism

As the conference went on, organisers’ lies began to get exposed.  The university students in the audience left. The hall went virtually empty and it caused enormous embarrassment to the organisers, said sources.

Al Jazeera videotaped the confessions of some participants to have received money. They didn’t have any clue of what was going on around them.  Maria and her colleagues acknowledged receiving money to attend and participate in the conference.

The conference screened a video  about Qatar’s ‘financial potential’ seeking to link Doha to terrorism.