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A Saudi citizen was killed after being attacked by a lion that was raising him in his home.

According to Saudi media outlets, the security authorities received a notification of the incident and started the site of the accident in the Al-Selay neighborhood, east of the capital, Riyadh, and the security authorities dealt with the situation, taking the necessary measures and ridding the citizen from the lion’s jaws, indicating that he died of the injuries he suffered.

A hashtag bearing the name “A lion kills a young man” was issued, the most prominent of the topics that sparked interaction between activists of social networking sites in Saudi Arabia, since Thursday evening.

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For their part, tweeters published a video clip saying that it is of the lion who killed its owner, and one of them commented: “A lion killed its owner. Predators are used for educational and scientific purposes such as zoos and research centers.

Also posted on the page, “Wish Previous Hashtag”, the video clip himself commented: “A young man is killed by a lion who raised him in his private rest. “.

The authenticity of the circulating video has not yet been confirmed.

It is worth noting that the Saudi authorities have prohibited the breeding of predatory animals except without a license, due to many similar incidents.