In Qatar, the remit of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is vast. While the ministry as a whole may be concerned with maintaining “public order and public morals”, while ensuring the “safety and security of the homeland”, your dealings with the MoI are likely to be slightly more run-of-the-mill.

When you deal with the MoI, you may be tracking the application of your residency permit, or perhaps checking up on a traffic violation. You could be checking on the status of a Police Clearance Certificate request, or maybe applying to activate electronic services on your smart card. This is the everyday stuff the MoI is in charge of.

Luckily for you, the MoI is always working on improvements to make your everyday dealings with the ministry that much easier. Much of the stuff you need to do can now be dealt with online via the MoI’s portal, or its Metrash app. Want to know more about what you could do using the MoI’s e-services function? Let’s take a look.

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Traffic Enquiries

First up, we have traffic enquiries. By visiting the MoI’s e-services portal, you can enquire about recorded traffic violations and vehicle violations, and print out traffic accident reports to allow for the quick repair of damaged vehicles.

Visa Services

Visa services are a big one for most ex-pats. With its e-services function, the MoI works to reduce the time and hassle associated with visa applications. Using the portal, you can follow up visa approvals on work or visit visa applications, and if needed, print or reprint details of visas issued online. You can also track visa applications via Qatar Visa Centre, and access the visa extension service.

Exit & Entry Permits

Taking the stress out of entry and exit permits, the MoI’s e-services function allows you to complete and print out leave notification application forms, and enquire about the expiry date of current leave notifications.

You can also complete and print out entry permits for the airport and seaports at Rowais and Hamad. This is also the place to complete and print out Abu Samrah border entry permits, Qatar Media Corp. entry permits, and diplomatic entry permits.

Residency Permits

Want to know how your residency permit application is tracking? You can follow up on your residency application or renewal, or if needed, check your eligibility for permanent residency.

Other Enquiries

What about all that other stuff the MoI handles? Using the e-services portal, you can enquire about the expiry dates on official documents, such as your Qatar ID, your passport, your residency permit and your driving license. You can also complete and print out smart card applications, and apply to activate electronic services on smart cards as well.

QPost Services

Working in conjunction with QPost, the MoI allows you to make QPost service enquiries via its e-services portal, making it easier to track the status of documents such as your residency permit application, license renewal, or Qatari documents (for example your lost or damaged Qatar ID).

Police Clearance Certificate Enquiries

Another helpful service on the MoI e-services portal allows you to check the status of your Police Clearance Certificate request.


What about Metrash? The MoI is constantly developing its Metrash application in order to make accessing its services that much easier. While you may have had to visit this government department or that government department to handle everyday services in the past, you can do much of that online now via Metrash.

Available 24/7, the Metrash2 app can be used on any smart device by citizens, residents, companies and institutions, allowing for easy access to 174 services provided by MoI. The app also allows users to pay for these services directly, without the need to visit the directorates of the ministry.

As an example, back in October 2019, the MoI moved away from accepting applications for family visas in person at the immigration office, to instead have applicants submit their applications using the Metrash app. In doing so, the MoI aims to streamline the process for everyone involved, making it quicker and easy to get things done.

But, while these efforts are being made, there are certain sticking points. For example, some permit applications offered through the MoI e-services portal are available in Arabic only. Other problems could arise for expats who don’t have time to deal with the necessary paperwork, or who simply don’t know what’s needed of them.

Which is where Fusion comes in. As your expert on the ground, Fusion can offer you the guidance you need, to take the stress out of the situation. To find out more, call us today to speak to one of our friendly advisors.