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The Corona crisis did not only come loaded with disease and challenges, but also carried with it methods of fraud, fraud and deceit of various types and forms, in which the person was the opponent and the judgment, so that people skilled in lying and fraud, exploiting people’s needs, playing with their future and stealing their money, floated to the surface of society.

The talk here in this report is about crisis brokers who suddenly appear with life events and their details to announce their presence as loyalists, rescuers, and legal problem solvers in exchange for money after selling the illusion in the manner of implicit fraud and hidden lies.

Issuing return permits without return …

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Due to exceptional circumstances and emergency measures, the State of Qatar, like other countries of the world, announced the policy of travel and return to the country, interspersed with many details, including the quarantine policy, the green list, and other measures aimed at limiting the spread of the Corona virus and confronting its transmission between people.

These details were produced in one way or another, according to many, the demon of brokers in the hearts of many “delegates” to draw in turn dreams of extracting any paper in exchange for money in ways that they say are their own methods and speak as if they have the airport key and that they are able to violate the laws in order to sell illusion to the other party and take money from them. And they leave after shutting down their phones and personal accounts.

One of the methods of brokers widespread during this period is to distribute their phone numbers among the residents to respond to any legal advice and then try to convince the other party that solving the problem exists and extract the return permit or entry feature is possible and easy and will not take a long time, you only have to send the request number Attached to a part of the money and the other part after obtaining an entry visa or return permit with a promise to end the process within a maximum period of 14 days.

The fraud process here lies in the fact that the broker does not do anything on the ground, it just waits as the requestor is waiting, and if the permit is issued in its legal and natural form, it tells the person concerned that he has made a lot of effort to extract it and that he has contacted so-and-so and so-and-so to end the process and in fact he did not communicate With no one, and no one knows in the first place.

But in the event that it is not extracted after the period specified in the agreement, the broker will evade and postpone the pretext that the procedures require some time, and so forth until he is exposed to his truth and the applicant realizes that he has been subjected to a major fraud involving a false broker, a deceitful and deceptive.


The Ministry of Interior has often alerted its social media accounts to those who impersonate people or unreal characteristics in order to deceive people and exploit their needs in exchange for money, asking to report any person offering his illegal services to obtain legal papers, and in the event of cooperation with such figures, this is considered according to The law is breaking the law itself.

Many fraudulent methods have always appeared in the period of the Corona pandemic, the details of which have been revealed by the Ministry of Interior, including fraud and electronic fraud against citizens and residents, through text messages and social media applications, to form with the method of fraud by clearing new Coronian double-fraud transactions 

From time to time, the ministry calls on its official accounts through awareness-raising messages to warn of new methods, but criminals try to exploit the newcomer even if it is at the expense of suffering from the spreading virus.

The Ministry of Interior announced earlier that it was able to arrest suspects in fraudulent reports with the aim of trading in visas by exploiting the names of companies owned by some citizens.

Where the Ministry has received reports that some brokers carry out trade in visas in the name of companies, and after the investigation, the Ministry of Interior discovered that these people are engaging in fraud and fraud in the names of companies with the aim of trading in visas, in addition to establishing fake companies that do not exist, in the names of citizens and attracting labor to these companies for a fee.