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In the past few days, the State of Qatar has witnessed an increase in the number of new infections with the new Coronavirus “Covid 19” compared to before, amid warnings of the re-imposition of some restrictions in light of the laxity of a large proportion of community members in the application of precautionary measures.

Today, the Ministry of Health stressed the importance of all members of society adhering to preventive measures more than ever before, to avoid a second wave of virus infections, after monitoring a gradual increase in the number of new cases of Covid-19, which is “a matter of concern.”

The Ministry of Health and the Government Communication Office renewed the reminder of a number of simple precautionary measures to avoid returning to the application of some restrictions, to protect yourself and others from infection with the virus, and to support the state’s efforts to combat the virus and avoid the second wave.

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Among the simple preventive measures to avoid a second wave of Corona:

* Wearing masks.

* Commitment to social distancing (leave a distance of at least a meter and a half between you and others).

* Avoid gatherings and crowded places.

* Take care to wash your hands regularly.

* Avoid greeting with a handshake when greeting.

* Anyone with symptoms of Covid 19 should call the helpline at 16000.

During the press conference of the Ministry of Health last Thursday, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Khal, head of the National Strategic Group to Address Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Head of the Communicable Diseases Department at the Hamad Medical Corporation, said that the reason for the high number of infections in recent weeks is the inaction of a large proportion of community members regarding wearing a mask Visits and lack of caution in councils, weddings and other events, which led to the occurrence of many hotbeds of infection.

He considered that the number of infections that were recorded 4 weeks ago compared to the previous days is a matter of concern, “and may indicate the signs of a new wave of the epidemic in Qatar,” expressing at the same time concern about the arrival of new strains of the rapidly spreading virus to Qatar.

He explained that one of the important indicators that the Ministry of Health is following is that the rate of positivity for Covid-19 in every 100 examinations per day increased from 1.5% at the end of last December to 2.6% on January 23 this year, calling for more caution and more precautionary measures.

Dr. Al-Khal pointed out that through the investigation of the infected cases carried out by the Ministry of Health, most of these injuries are among Qataris and residents of professionals and their family members, due to visits, social meetings and events.