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Hamad International Airport has been witnessing increasing growth over the past 7 years since its official opening. Despite the short period he spent as a new baby among the airports of the world, since its official inauguration in 2014, it has proven that it is a difficult number, even more difficult than he imagined, after winning awards And global recognitions and impressed travelers with the smoothness of its procedures and the accuracy of technological innovations, which made it among the few airports that opened at the time of the Corona pandemic and maintained the health and safety of travelers.

Here is the most important information about Hamad International Airport 

1- Hamad International Airport is ranked among the best airports in the world 
2- Construction of Hamad International Airport started in 2006, the construction process was completed in 2009, and it was officially opened in 2014, when the first official inauguration of the first air operations and the partial opening of the airport took place on April 30, 2014, following the The arrival of a Qatar Airways flight to the honorary runway.
3- It provides its services to more than 200 million passengers and 13 million tons of cargo to and from the State of Qatar so far. 
4- It enjoys a strategic location linking the East and the West .. It has become a gateway to 142 destinations around the world, through the flights of 33 international airlines.
5- Over the past years, Hamad International Airport has been recognized and appreciated by the most important leading bodies within the aviation industry, and has proven its position as a preferred destination for global travelers. 
6- International Awards 
Hamad International Airport has won many international awards, including: 
• Best Airport in the Middle East for the sixth year in a row 
• Hamad International Airport has become the first airport in the Middle East and Asia to receive a five-star rating in auditing safety measures for (Covid-19) At airports by Skytrax
• In 2021, Hamad International Airport obtained the ISO certificate for the asset management system ISO 55001:2014, by the British Standards Institute,
since 2018, Hamad International Airport has maintained the ISO certificate, which is valid for a period of time. Three years from the date of issuance, which reflects its continuous efforts to ensure the efficient and effective management of the airport’s assets and infrastructure.
• Hamad International Airport has received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, based on the comprehensive evaluation conducted by Borio Veritas for the airport’s information security management system. 
The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification is an international standard for determining the specifications of information security management systems approved by airports. This certification reflects Hamad International Airport’s commitment and continuous efforts to enhance the application of best practices for managing and developing its information security.
• Hamad International Airport won the “Best Airport in the World” award by Skytrax, after being classified in 2020 as the “Third Best Airport in the World” by the same entity.

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7- Corona pandemic 
Hamad International Airport was able to adapt to the exceptional circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic “Covid-19”, and to innovate in the face of all challenges and difficulties, as the rapid and effective response to the airport came while keeping its doors open throughout the pandemic period to return travelers to their countries safely, and to continue it Maintain operational excellence while prioritizing the safety and health of travelers and employees.
8- Innovative 
technological solutions Among the innovative technological solutions adopted by Hamad International Airport:
• Smart helmets for thermal screening that enable employees to measure the temperature of passengers remotely without any physical contact.
• Completely independent sterilization robots that are effective in eliminating a high percentage of infectious microorganisms.
• Improving the travel experience through ultraviolet sterilization tunnels with the aim of disinfecting all checked baggage for travelers, and using C2 technology solutions, which allow travelers to move between security check points without the need to remove their electronic devices from their bags.
• Creating and developing a special automated system for detecting the face using artificial intelligence technology to ensure that all airport employees and workers wear face masks throughout their stay inside the building. 
• Enhancing its contactless technologies at key points of the building such as self-check-in, baggage delivery, and elevators.

9- Passenger traffic through Hamad International Airport is considered the most advanced in recent times, as it witnessed an increase of 381% between April 2020 and April 2021, during which 976,292 passengers were transferred through the airport. 
10- 12,541 aircraft landed on the runway of Hamad International Airport this year, while air cargo traffic witnessed an increase of 70% in April, during which the airport supervised the transfer of 222,339 tons of cargo.

Hamad International Airport expansion plan 
There is an ambitious plan to expand Hamad International Airport, which is a multi-stage plan based on its continued commitment to growth and prosperity, with the aim of strengthening its position as a global hub for travel, and accommodating the increasing growth of Qatar Airways’ network of destinations. 

The first phase The first 
phase of the expansion project The airport will be able to raise its capacity to more than 58 million passengers annually, and it is scheduled to be delivered in 2022, prior to Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.. Its details are as follows:
1. Central District: Raising Reinforced concrete and steel structure to the roof level reinforced with trials for cladding under review. A feature garden, lounges and retail stores, in addition to making progress on the passenger train 
2. Remote baggage transfer facility: The construction of the entire superstructure has been completed and there is progress in preparing the cladding. Interior Finishing of Baggage Handling System
3 is underway. Platform Expansion: Phase 1 of the PCC Charlie Walk has been delivered and new platform equipment is being installed for the remainder of the works.
4. Western Runway and Platforms The resurfacing of the western runway has been completed and the airport is back in operation in May 2021. A new bypass will open with position replacement desks, to make room for 34 new aircraft platforms. The airport is also progressing in the expansion of Tunnel
5. Expansion of the fuel depots complex in the central region: 5 new pumps have been installed and 4 new tanks are still under construction.
6. Western fuel fields: 6 tanks are under construction and the second has started feeding a new refinery to the fuel depots complex using a small tunnel.
7. Hotel and Lounge: Contractor design has been completed and the airport has begun construction of the hotel and lounge within the existing space in the central area of ​​Main Terminal
8. Shipping: The airport has made progress on temporary import/export and relocated AVI design. 

Phase Two
The second  phase of the project begins immediately after the end of the tournament, which will contribute to increasing the airport’s capacity to 60 million passengers annually. . It includes the following:
1. Expansion of Zone D 
2. Expansion of Zone E
3. The passenger train linking the main building and the West Wing 
4. Connecting the remote branch corridor to the western side
In addition to increasing its capacity, the airport expansion project in its two phases aims to enhance the level of the travel experience through Raising the level of excellence and effective development of airport operations, such as reducing the expected time of travel, and providing more distinctive shopping and hospitality experiences for travelers in partnership with Qatar Duty Free.