Qualifications to work in Qatar

In general, most companies in Qatar will expect you to have a university degree. However, if you are in a specialized profession, you may need professional qualifications. For example, lawyers, doctors, and teachers all need to show specific qualifications related to their jobs.

All qualifications must be notarized by the Ministry of External Affairs. Additionally, your degrees must be attested by the Qatar Embassy in your country. Furthermore, you will need to provide a detailed letter from your university or board confirming your qualifications.

Tax and social security numbers in Qatar

There is no personal tax in Qatar. As such, you will not need a tax number to work there. Similarly, foreigners cannot access the local pension schemes, so you will not have a social security number.

Other requirements in work in Qatar

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In addition to all the above, there are a few things you may need in order to work in Qatar. For example, you will have to get a medical check. In some cases, you may also need a criminal record check. This is particularly the case for government jobs or licensed professions.

How to find jobs in Qatar

Now that you know what it takes to be able to work in Qatar, you need to begin looking for work. Finding a job in Qatar is much the same as it is in other countries. Online resources will be key to your job search, so make sure to take advantage of these.

Find a job in Qatar

Recruitment agencies in Qatar

If you already have a few years’ work experience under your belt, finding a job in Qatar may be easier if you go through a recruitment agency. There are many in the country, ranging from small local companies to huge international agencies. From overseas, you will do the best working with companies like Adecco, Robert Half, Michael Page, or Hays. Locally, you could try QHR, Al Noof, Bayt, Work Circle, and Gulfaar.

Job fairs and networking in Qatar

Like anywhere else in the world, finding a job in Qatar is easier if you are well-connected. Because of this, it is important to build a good network. You can do this by attending job fairs and networking events in the country. Many recruitment agencies and universities in Qatar host these, so keep an eye on their pages to find one that works for you.

Jobs in Qatari newspapers

Surprisingly, newspapers can be a good source if you are looking for work in Qatar. For instance, check out the classifieds in the Gulf Times and Qatar Tribune.

Looking for work online

As in any other country, finding a job in Qatar in the 21st century often revolves around the internet. As such, it is important to build a good profile on LinkedIn and look at what jobs are being advertised on the platform. Similarly, you can look at online job banks such as Monster Gulf and Gulf Talent.


In addition, if you have an idea of what companies you may like to work for, you can check their career pages directly. All the major oil companies, banks, and hotel organizations advertise jobs directly on their company websites, so keep an eye out for these.

Self-employment and freelancing in Qatar

It might be increasingly popular around the world, but freelancing is not common in Qatar. This is especially true for expats. This is because anyone who wants to work in Qatar requires a residency visa, and you cannot get this unless an employer sponsors you.

Traineeships, internships, and volunteering in Qatar

If full-time work doesn’t appeal, you could consider an internship or volunteering in Qatar. Many big companies in Qatar have internship programs. These include Shell, Qatar Airways, Woqod, DHL, the Qatar-America Institute, HSBC, and KPMG. You should note, though, that many of these companies only offer internships to Qatari residents.

Since many expats come to Qatar to work, volunteering tends to take a back seat. But, of course, there are opportunities available, should you wish to look for them. Below are some organizations to consider for volunteering:

  • Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy
  • Qatar Animal Welfare Society
  • Al Shaqab
  • Qatar Diabetes Association
  • Reach Out to Asia (ROTA)
  • Qatar Charity
  • Ajyal Youth Film Festival
  • Qatar Voluntary Center

Applying for a job in Qatar

Finding a job in Qatar can take time. However, once you have found some opportunities you like, you can begin the application process. In general, this is similar to what you will find in the rest of the world. You will send in a CV and cover letter. Next, you may have a telephone interview, followed by an interview in person. If you are successful, you may then receive a job offer and you will have to negotiate the details of your contract. On average, the whole process takes around four weeks, however, this can stretch to up to two months.


Before you begin looking for a job in Qatar, you will have to prepare your CV. This will not be drastically different from how a CV looks anywhere else. You will need to include your contact information at the top – don’t forget your email and phone number. Next, detail your professional experience and education. Because Qatar is such an international environment, language skills are key, so many sure you highlight these. It can also help to show a little personality by including what interests you have. Most importantly, your CV should be straightforward and concise. You will also need to include a cover letter with your application.

One thing to remember is that you will need to prepare appropriately for an interview. You should be culturally sensitive; act and dress appropriately. Additionally, it can be helpful to do some research about the company and its operations in Qatar.

Support while looking for a job in Qatar

Expats are not entitled to any unemployment benefits. Because of this, you should be prepared to support yourself while looking for a job in Qatar.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive while you’re on the hunt. You could improve your language skills by taking an English or Arabic class. It could also be helpful to improve any skills that may be relevant to your job. For example, you could get some training in SEO marketing, the Adobe creative suite, or leadership. There are many courses available online, and Udemy and Skillshare are the best resources for this.

Starting a job in Qatar

When you have finally found your dream job in Qatar, you will need to prepare for your new role. Make sure you and your employer are on the same page about your work visa, and don’t forget to get any criminal checks or health screenings you may need. Within your first few days, you should make sure you sign all the necessary paperwork, and that your company sets up your private health insurance.