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The magazine “MEED” published a report in which it talked about the largest projects of various sectors in the Gulf region for the current year, and Qatar came among the list of countries most focused on liquefied natural gas projects in light of its work to raise the volume of its annual production to 110 million tons by the year 202, in addition to its plans It aims to develop its infrastructure in terms of stadiums and the transport and communications sectors, as part of its preparations for hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022, stressing that the markets in Doha are among the most active in the region, despite the difficult conditions that the world has gone through since the beginning of last year due to The new Corona virus has spread to all countries on all continents.

The report added that the volume of investments that Qatar has allocated to double its production of liquefied natural gas, by expanding the North Field, is estimated at about 20 billion dollars, equivalent to 72.8 billion riyals, which is the value that it has added massively and in line with the goals that Doha aims to achieve in the next stage, represented by To play a major role in filling the world’s demands with regard to LNG, and to occupy the leadership in terms of financing the countries of Asia and Europe, which will be possible in a few years from now.
The report indicated that the infrastructure sector is one of the most advanced fields in Qatar, thanks to the projects that were delivered over the past years as part of the state’s preparations for the twenty-second edition of the FIFA World Cup, as the delivery of the Doha Metro project was completed in full, and a number of stadiums were added to that. Concerned with receiving the World Cup after about 23 months from now, it is expected that it will continue moving forward in the current year, given the Governorate of Doha on the pattern of spending on this sector in order to succeed in the challenge of receiving the twenty-second edition of the Football World Cup, waiting for the inauguration of the remaining stadiums In the coming months, with clear progress recorded in the transport and communications sectors.
The report emphasized that Qatar is among the countries least affected by the crisis of the “Covid-19” pandemic, based on a set of statistics, in the forefront of which is a slight decline estimated at 10% in the percentage of contracts concluded during the first six months of 2020, compared to the same period of the year. 2019, and much higher than the same stage two years ago, which means that Qatar is able to overcome difficult health conditions with minimal economic damage.