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Today, the Ministry of Health announced that citizens and residents of the State of Qatar who have received the Corona “Covid 19” vaccine are exempt from quarantine after traveling abroad or after coming into contact with a case infected with the virus.

Exemption from quarantine for those who received the Corona vaccine (consisting of two doses) requires several conditions, according to Dr. Abd al-Latif Al-Khal, head of the National Health Strategy Group to address the Covid-19 virus, and head of the infectious diseases department at HMC, namely:

(1) Fourteen days have passed since receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

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(2) You must have a negative PCR test result when returning to Qatar after travel or after exposure to a case infected with Corona.

(3) The period of validity of the quarantine exemption is 3 months, starting 14 days after the second dose, and this period may be extended in the future after obtaining more clinical evidence.

According to the Ministry of Health, the exemption does not currently apply to people who have been vaccinated in other countries

On December 23, Qatar began a campaign to vaccinate against Corona through the country’s health centers.

On December 20, the Ministry of Health issued permission for the emergency registration and use of the Covid-19 vaccine produced by the alliance of Pfizer and Biontech, and on February 10, it issued permission for the emergency use of the Moderna vaccine.

The Corona vaccine is available in a number of health centers for people who meet the criteria and conditions of precedence announced by the Ministry of Health, including the centers of “Al-Wajba, Leabaib, Al-Ruwais, Umm Salal, Rawdat Al-Khail, Al-Thumama and Muaither”, in addition to the new center that was opened today for mass vaccination at the Qatar National Convention Center to give the Covid vaccine 9 – For teachers and school personnel.