This New Netflix Film May Have the Platform’s Most Star-Studded Cast of All Time (PureWow)

It looks like Netflix is pulling out all the stops for its latest project. The streaming service recently announced plans to produce a new film written and directed by Adam McKay, the genius mind behind Anchorman, Step Brothers, Talladega Nights, The Big Short and Vice. According to Variety, the movie, titled Don’t Look Up, reportedly stars Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, which, in combination with McKay’s string of hits, would have been more than enough to ensure us tuning in. But the star power doesn’t stop there.

Meryl StreepCate Blanchett and Timothée Chalamet are also on board, as are Matthew PerryRob MorganJonah Hill and Himesh Patel. Oh, and lest you think the talent is limited to solely famous actors, singers Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi are involved as well. Um, yeah, we’ll definitely be adding this to our watchlist the second it comes out.

Little is known about Don’t Look Up thus far, but what we do know is that the movie will follow two low-level astronomers who discover an incoming asteroid large enough to destroy the planet and then embark on a media tour to warn the world of its impending doom. It’s rumored that Lawrence and DiCaprio will be playing the two lead scientists. Filming was originally slated to begin in April 2020, but due to the pandemic was postponed until late this year. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get pushed back any further, because we’re already itching for a sneak peek at this star-studded cast in action.

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Before then, you can catch Streep in yet another Ryan Murphy Netflix production (does the man ever sleep?) The Prom, as well as Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming comedy Let Them All Talk on HBO Max. Chalamet, an equally busy bee, recently wrapped up filming the sci-fi adventure Dune and Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch and is set to play Bob Dylan in a biopic directed by James Mangold (Walk the Line) titled Going Electric. (Interestingly, Cate Blanchett has also portrayed Bob Dylan, so perhaps they can exchange notes while on set.)

As for DiCaprio, he was supposed to have already finished filming for Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of Killers of the Flower Moon, but production was pushed back to February 2021 due to COVID-19. Ho