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Qatar Airways announced that it will resume its flights to five new destinations during the month of September: Houston, Kathmandu, Mogadishu, Philadelphia and Sialkot, so that the national carrier of the State of Qatar will operate more than 650 flights a week to more than 85 destinations worldwide by the middle of this month.

The Qatari carrier explained in a statement today that it will continue to lead the global aviation sector and continue to provide various travel options for travelers by resuming its flights to more than half the number of destinations it was flying to before the Coronavirus (Covid-19 /) pandemic, as it was keen not to decrease the number Its destinations throughout the pandemic period were to below 30, while continuing its operations to five continents.

According to the statement, the Qatari carrier’s fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft, in addition to the strategic planning of the destinations network, has also enabled it to increase the number of its flights to Ankara, Baghdad, Basra, Djibouti, Erbil, Ho Chi Minh City, London Heathrow and New York. GFK and Sulaymaniyah.

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In this context, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group, stressed that the gradual rebuilding of the Qatar Airways network of destinations has contributed to enhancing travel options between its headquarters in Doha and major destinations in the world, whether for business or tourism.

His Excellency stated that the recovery of the international travel sector will require more time without any doubt, but the airline’s resumption of its flights to more than half the number of destinations it flew to before the pandemic is an achievement in itself, as this coincides with the restoration of travelers ’confidence in air travel, He said, “We, in Qatar Airways, are proud to lead the aviation sector by offering a trade policy that is the most flexible in the world in order to enable travelers to travel with peace of mind .. In addition, the continuation of our operations during the pandemic has contributed to enabling us to gain the confidence of travelers as the airline they can count on.” It always has to, at a time when many other airlines have suspended operations. “

He also indicated that Qatar Airways is keen to coordinate with the Australian authorities regarding the restrictions imposed on entering Australia and returning Australians to their country, which has become a major challenge for the Qatari carrier, stressing that despite the restrictions imposed on the number of passengers who can be transported on Qatari flights to Australia, it continues its mission to make every effort it can to facilitate the return of Australians to their country, especially with the operation of its flights to five cities in Australia, which are Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne (passengers are not allowed on flights currently destined for them), and Perth, And Sydney, because Qatar Airways operates the largest number of flights to Australia, compared to other international airlines.

Al-Baker said that Qatar Airways continued its operations, transporting nearly 40 percent of international travelers worldwide from April to June 2020, which contributed to the return of more than 180,000 Australian and international travelers to their countries since the beginning of the crisis, and these flights also contributed In maintaining the supply chains of essential and vital materials for Australian companies, with Qatar Airways transporting more than 15,000 tons of Australian goods since March 1, 2020.